Closet Design January

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Whenever people call me for organizing we usually start with the closet. Usually I work with the existing framework because my clients are renting or their closet is configured well. When that’s not the case, I recommend infrastructure changes to maximize closet space and make getting ready less onerous. Usually these changes involve installing proper lighting (many pre-war apartments suffer from no closet light) and customized shelving systems beyond the standard single bar with a shelf above.

This was the layout of my original closet.
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When it came time to redo my own closet I called in a professional, my interior design friend, Andrea. While laying out a closet is something I can do for my clients, it was hard for me to see the forest through the shoe trees and I needed someone objective and with a fresh set of eyes for the space.

Here is my closet before, the black hole.
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There was no lighting in the closet and only rods and a high shelf I couldn’t reach. Andrea measured the space and interviewed me about my routines and how much space I would need for each type of clothing and developed layouts for the closet to include shoe storage, purse storage, double rods, and jewelry trays.
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What I loved about working with Andrea is that I felt taken care of and she was someone to bounce design ideas off of. Plus, she’s been designing interiors for nearly 30 years and can quickly prepare workable plans that I can take and have enacted. She even gave me recommendations for electricians to install closet lighting.
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Now my closet looks amazing and it’s a pleasure to get dressed and pick out coordinating shoes, a purse, and jewelry.

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