Dena K.

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Jessica assessed, sorted, discarded and organized my belongings ranging from my kitchen pantry, bathroom cabinets, closets, dressers, and my paper filing cabinets. Jessica was amazing from start to finish. She is on time, incredibly easy to work with and talented. She jumps right into the project, is non judgmental in helping you decide what to… continue reading »

Melissa B.

jdecker Testimonials

Jessica has changed our lives! She has essentially done a top to bottom organization of all rooms and spaces in our apartment (Bedroom, Kids rooms, toys and books, Kitchen, Living Room, Office, Dining Room, all closets). She has also helped with seasonal closet changes. She instilled functional and useful systems to every area of the… continue reading »

Dario D.

jdecker Testimonials

I was affected by Sandy and had to move to a new place almost overnight. Not only Jessica was very available, accommodating and very responsive, but in four hours, she organized my whole closet and bedroom closets and drawers. She helped me get rid of items I didn’t need anymore and organized the rest in… continue reading »

Anna K.

jdecker Testimonials

Jessica was great!! she was on time, professional and came ready to work! She means business (in a good way!) Jessica passed no judgment and held my hand while I said good bye to all my unnecessary junk. Taking on his project on my own would have been overwhelming and never ending! I would highly… continue reading »

Jennifer K.

jdecker Testimonials

Detailed organization of space very thorough. Went great. Jessica was on time and professional. She was professional and efficient.

Lisa G.

jdecker Testimonials

Jessica was very sensitive towards my feelings of attachment when she helped me clean out a room full of things I was holding onto for years. She helped me clear a lot of clutter out of my house, opening up rooms that were unusable. She is very good at what she does.

Michelle S.

jdecker Testimonials

Jessica rocks the house, err or my house, that is. She was professional, polite, had great ideas and didn’t make me feel bad about myself when asking “do you need all these spoons”?. My apt is baller and I am grateful for her help! Now, I gotta maintain…

Jazz D.

jdecker Testimonials

Wow…. this lady is God sent! My family and I recently moved with our 6 month old baby and needless to say we found the transition pretty overwhelming. Both my husband and I are pretty organized and neat people but managing two properties and taking care of a baby along side my husband working 12… continue reading »

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