Create a Compact Crafting Caddy

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I recently received some Meori products to try out and wanted to tell you all how amazing and cute they are. I am all about convenience and compactness as a mother, so I created a small art caddy for my daughter using the Meori Mini Folding Box with the 3+1 Mini Insert. In the larger section I included paper and in the smaller sections, I stored her markers and crayons. Now, whenever she wants to do arts & crafts, I have her get out her little caddy and she has everything she needs to create a masterpiece.  Bonus, the adorable print that kids can color. My daughter wanted to color hers green “like the jungle”. 

I also have a Mini Folding Box in my car’s center console to corral small items. These little boxes are just so compact and adorable. Here are just some of the ways they can be used:

  • Silverware Holder
  • Makeup Caddy
  • Arts & Crafts Caddy
  • Hostess Gift Container
  • Car Console Caddy
  • Nightstand Caddy

Meori is doing a giveaway for my readers where one lucky reader gets a Meori Mini Folding Box and 3+1 Mini Insert! Just comment on how you’d use a Meori Mini and you’ll be entered to win. I’d love to hear from you about how you’d use your Meori in one of the ways above or in any other way. 

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