How Can I Decorate And Organize My Home Office?

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A home office is a room that plays many roles. Sure, it is where a lot of work takes place – but it is a space of ideas, creativity, late nights, and outstanding accomplishments. 

If your home office doesn’t currently hold a special place in your heart, and you aren’t sure what to do with the space, then check out for some great tips!

In the meantime, let’s talk about some of the ways you can make your home office comfortable and functional.


Organization is nothing without the foundations of a system. Before moving and cleaning or buying new furniture, take stock of your current organization systems. 

What does it look like? Do you even have a system? 

If you are just working around a little bit of mess and spending time looking for things, then it might be better to research some different ways that you can implement organizational systems. 

Systems can be very simple. For example, you might have a tray for projects you are currently doing, one for new projects, and a tray for things that need to be shredded. 

The essential thing here is to have everything labeled. While you begin to learn the new habit, the label serves as a reminder that can help build the pattern in your everyday life. 

Clean That Desk! 

Messy workspaces and desks lead to distractions and a lower productivity. The mess around us draws our eye and becomes something we start thinking about. For example, you might be writing a proposal, but you want to clean the desk and in the back of your mind it is all you can focus on. 

You might stop to clean the desk and then go back to work. 

That is a massive disruption in your workflow. 

Instead, make it a priority to clean the desk at the end of every working day. Organize or shred all of the unwanted papers. Anything that could be digitized takes steps to do so. 

Carefully look at every item that is on your desk – what do you really need there? Probably not as much stuff as you currently have. 


Letting in as much natural light as possible is one of the best ways to remain productive. However, we don’t all keep day-time hours or have access to a big window. 

If you don’t have a big window, and are reliant on artificial lighting, then opt for daylight bulbs. Daylight bulbs can have a similar impact as real daylight. Dimly lit offices cause eye strain, which causes migraines, headaches that require more energy to focus on. Take care to create a lighting scheme that offers you the best lighting. 


The colors we choose to put on our walls have a significant impact on our motivation levels, idea generation, and even how creative we can be. Some colors are worth considering for your walls. 

Green brings balance, but since we associate it with nature, it brings calmness and reassurance. Tones of green are perfect for becoming creative and zen in your office space. 

Yellow is a bright and zesty color, often associated with happiness and joy. Of course, this means tones of yellow can give you some pep in your step and a healthy dose of motivation. Yellow is also said to help get your creative juices flowing. 

Blue is well known for being a calm and comforting color, but it can also help us remain focused and increase our concentration levels. If the work you do is intensive and then blue is perfect. If you want to up the impact, even more, add some splashes of orange too. 

Most of the time, we shy away from red as it is such a bold color. Yet, red can significantly impact the work we do and how we feel in our office space. Red tones elicit a physical response in us, kicking in our fight or flight instinct. 

If you are easily overwhelmed, red is not for you, but red is for you if you are a bull by the horns personality type. Balance the intense red with white for some contrast and a break in the bold color. 

Valuable Space

Your desk or worktop space is the most valuable space in the whole of the office. While you likely need items like a screen, laptop, paper, and pens, you don’t need everything. 

Many people put things like speakers, paper trays, printers, and more on their desks. These are as much of a distraction as a mess. 

Look for alternative spaces where you can put these items. 

Your desktop is also valuable space and shouldn’t be taken up by hundreds of folders and files. Spend some time going through what you have saved on your computer and do one of three things: 

The desktop should be reserved for the files and folders that you need to access often. Anything that isn’t accessed often but needs to be stored should be saved in cloud storage, and things you haven’t opened or don’t need in a while should be deleted. 

Use The Walls

The walls can be some of the most functional spaces in your home office. Install a whiteboard and use that to plan your week and your day. Add a space for you to add your to-do list, and divide up the rest of the board on days of the week. 

Use time blocking to create a working week that doesn’t have any clashes, and has plenty of free time. Plan your most productive hours to cover the most intensive work. If you know that you have an energy dip around 11 am and 3 pm, then use those times to take care of repetitive tasks like emails, data, or admin. 

In order to avoid tech-neck and lower backache, you should only use ergonomic furniture. Ergonomic furniture supports your body in a seated position and will ensure that you don’t suffer from aches and pains as you work. 

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