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I recommend a yearly clean out of the medicine cabinet to keep medications fresh and up-to-date. Bring expired prescriptions back to your pharmacist for safe disposal. If the pharmacy will not take them back, make the medication unappetizing to children and pets by mixing the prescriptions with coffee grounds or cat litter. You can then throw the bottle away (remove labels first) with regular trash. Never flush medication down the toilet! The medication contaminates the water supply. 

Once you’ve purged your medicine cabinet, start reorganizing. If you have young children in the house, store prescription medication on the top shelf of your medicine cabinet. If prescriptions fall out when you open your medicine cabinet, store them in a container to corral them and reduce a pill bottle avalanche. I recommend keeping likes with likes and storing all daily medications together where you normally take them. For some people this means storing them in the kitchen, while others store them in their nightstand, and others store medicine in the medicine cabinet. 

An organized medicine cabinet has medication that is 1. Current, 2. Grouped by type or frequency, and 3. Corralled and contained.

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