Use These Pro Tips For An Easier Move

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I’ve written about this before but there are always new things to say about moving and tips to make a stressful event a little easier. New Yorkers move more than most people and moving is hard work, especially moving in the city. This topic is especially near and dear to me since I’m working with a client on a large move now and during this pandemic, have helped people move to new homes locally and across the country.

The more time you have to start planning and purging, the better. A move is a great time to assess what you have and purge what you don’t need. That way you’re not paying to move or store it. Gather some boxes to fill with décor, clothing, toys, kitchen items, books, and anything else you don’t want anymore. Schedule a donation or drop the box(es) off at your local donation center. After you’ve purged your home, you can start packing. Note that some moving companies won’t insure items you’ve packed yourself so check with the company you’re using before you pack anything yourself.

Tips for easier packing and unpacking:

  • Have all your supplies on hand. This includes boxes, padding, packing tape, and markers.
  • Pack the week before your move so you’re not living in boxes.
  • Color code boxes to make it easy for the movers or yourself to place boxes in your new home. I use colored paper to stand out. For example, use green for the office. Place a sheet of green paper on the office door and mark it “office”. Place the same color on boxes and mark them “office” as well.
  • Pack kids’ rooms last to minimize the amount of change they’re under.
  • Have an overnight bag with clothes, toiletries, snacks, pet food, medications, and things to keep kids busy.
  • Have a box marked “unpack first”. Take this box with you yourself. In it will be items you need immediately but not in your overnight bag.
  • Set up beds first, then start unpacking the kitchen and kids’ rooms.

Hopefully these tips will make a move easier and less stressful. And if you still need help, give us a call!

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