What Are 3 Techniques For Organizing Closets?

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Closet space is notoriously limited in New York City. To be truthful, space, in general, is hard to come by anywhere, and that precious commodity needs to be utilized to the fullest. Become Organized helps clients find solutions for organizing every area in their lives – at home and work – and closets are usually the first place we begin. You’d be surprised by how much of a difference some closet organization techniques can have on your emotional stability. You, too, can add a little more with these 3 techniques for organizing closets.

The Purge

No, not the lackluster film franchise, although this purge is just as painful to sit through for a lot of people. Purging your closet is just a necessary task that everyone needs to do eventually, and it’s the first of the three techniques for organizing closets that also has the most effect. This doesn’t mean you need to downsize to the point where you have the wardrobe selection of a minimalist, but take a good look at everything in there and ask yourself if it has any use or real value to you. If not, sell or donate it. Also, if you’re lucky enough to have multiple closets, you can take out bulky items like vacuum cleaners and cleaning supplies and store them all together into one. Dividing by seasonality is also key. Rotate those big coats and sweaters somewhere else during the off-season.


The best closet organization techniques take advantage of all its dimensions, but the most underused is always vertical space. You’ve gone wide, you’ve gone deep, but how much space is left between the floor and those hanging items? Use double hanging rods or a tall shelf to capture every inch of your closet space.

Dividers Keep it Together

Dividers are a must-have to keep your closet organized. They can be containers, shelves, extra racks, or curtains, but using them to break your closet into zones will help to keep it all tidy and accessible. High-use items in front, low-use in back, are good techniques for organizing closets.

Become Organized

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