What Can I Do With Unwanted Clutter?

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So you’re ready to improve your living space by getting rid of unwanted clutter? That’s great because downsizing is also an important step in becoming organized and taking control of your life. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed with what to do with unwanted clutter, there’s no need to just throw it all in the nearest dumpster. One person’s junk is another’s treasure, after all, and getting rid of clutter can be a fulfilling project, and maybe even profitable, too!

Sort The Wheat From The Chaff

You need to take full advantage of this moment, so make sure you do a thorough sweep of everything that needs to go and throw out all unwanted clutter that is not going to be re-sold or donated. These will likely be papers that you have laying around (make sure you are destroying any that have personal information on them before throwing them away), any broken items, and heavily stained or soiled objects. Old things don’t necessarily need to be tossed – even if they are seriously outdated or out of style there might be a market for them!

Remember that this moment is for your well-being and taking control, so use that motivation to do a thorough cleaning. If you are thinking about updating the look of your home, this is the time to also maybe roll up those rugs and take some art off of the walls and include them in the things you are going to either trash, sell, or donate. A fresh start can be very emotionally satisfying and fun every once in a while!

Organize By Similar Items

After you have separated the trash from what is left of your unwanted clutter, keep things organized by putting together similar items. This will be made all the easier if containers are also part of the purge – jars can be used for smaller things like loose change, pens, office supplies, and trinkets, and totes will be perfect for other items like old books, toys, figurines, and blankets and linens. Clothing can be carried easily inside trash bags.

Keeping things separated is important for getting rid of clutter because a disorganized mix-up could lead to these items just finding their way back into the home and defeating your purpose. 

Sell Or Donate

The last stage of what to do with unwanted clutter is deciding to either sell or donate it. This is much easier today than it was 20 years ago thanks to Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. You can list them there for a price or as free and are likely to get a response in less than 24 hours. Places like Goodwill and local consignment stores are also a great way for getting rid of unwanted clutter, with consignment stores buying items from you that they will resale themselves.

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