Why I Love Organizing People’s Homes

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When I was young, I wanted to be a psychiatrist to help people work through their problems. I also wanted to be an author. Funny enough, I feel like I’ve accomplished both of those things by being a professional organizer. As an organizer, I go into people’s homes and help them sort out (literally) their problems. And after years of doing this I had enough stories and experiences to write a book about organizing.

It’s been nice staying home, especially during my pregnancy and with an infant, but I’m ready to get dressed, get a coffee, and get out of my home and into someone else’s. My clients are like my friends and I miss talking about The Bachelor with them and hearing crazy coworker/ex/mother-in-law stories. Watching my toddler do gymnastics in the living room just isn’t cutting it as entertainment anymore.

Since we’ve all been home for going on a year now, we’re adapting to our “new normal” even though we may not like it. But that doesn’t mean that you have to live in clutter that you despise. Even though I can’t go into people’s homes, I help them through the magic of Zoom. Now I Zoom into people’s homes and virtually help them organize their spaces. Sure, I’m not in their spaces physically moving items but this virtual process bridges the gap when we’re all staying safe at home.

I’ll see you all soon. Spring is just around the corner, vaccines are coming, and we’ve got a lot of catching up to do! Be safe, be well, and stay sane until we meet again.

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