Organizing the Small Spaces in Manhattan & Beyond


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365 Days of Organizing offers helpful solutions every day to make life a little more organized. Written by one of New York City's top professional organizers, this book makes organizing your home and your life manageable.

How We Help

Home Organizing

Move Management

Office Organizing

Paper Organizing

Time Management

Closet Organizing

Before Your Session

You discuss your organizational challenges and needs by email or phone and your organizer develops a plan of action. We may suggest that you purchase some items beforehand and if so, we will send an email with product links so you can have them ready for your organizer to implement.

During Your Session

Your organizer will come prepared to organize your space, working in the following four steps:
  1. Assemble all items together.
  2. Sort likes with likes.
  3. Assess what to purge and what to keep.
  4. Organize into homes and zones.
Your organizer will also provide guidance for donating or consigning items. We make it easy to donate or consign by bringing a prepaid mailing bag to your session.

After Your Session

Within 48 hours of your session, you will receive a recap email with (as needed) a list of  To Dos and links to products mentioned during your session. While we work quickly, some projects may take more than one session. You can schedule a follow up with your organizer to continue your path to organizational success.

Who We Are


Dara's love of organizing began as a child, rearranging the kitchen pantry and sorting her toys. Her experience as a performer influences her ability to listen to clients and come up with creative and custom solutions. She approaches each project with patience and enthusiasm, creating a calm environment for what is often very personal and daunting process for clients.


Jessica brings her passion for organizing to every project. She will guide you through disorganization and create order, all with a smile. Her personalized approach to your organizational issues lets you know that you're in capable hands. With more than a decade of hands-on organizing experience and thousands of hours spent tackling clients' organizational challenges, Jessica is prepared to handle any organizing project you may have.


Kim is a natural born organizer who believes that being organized leads to a calmer and less stressful life. Before organizing as a career, Kim was always asked by family and friends to help with home organization, moves, and downsizing. Now she helps clients clear out their closets and de-clutter their life.


Stacy takes great pride in organizing clients’ homes in a professional, respectful, and conscientious manner. She draws upon her more than 10 years of organizing experience to quickly assess, analyze, and propose solutions to meet client organizational needs. Stacy is an independent professional organizer and we are pleased she added our company to her portfolio of organizers.

What We Charge

We work with various budgets and offer services ranging from organizational consulting and planning to whole home organizing and personal shopping. Let us customize a plan that works for you.

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